Surface Technologies


STC provides various marine decking and coating services which include:

    Non-skid applications: polyurethane and epoxy
  • Rollable, sprayed, and troweled
  • PRC (Color-flake and chemical resistant urethane)*
  • Epoxy (Color flake)*
    Tile and Terrazzo Service
  • Vinyl tile
  • Quarry tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Epoxy terrazzo (new installation and reseal of existing terrazzo)
  • Sheet vinyl (weldable or non-weldable)
    Electrical Grade Matting
    Carpet Installation
    Interior and Exterior Marine and Steel Resurfacing and Painting
    Custom Floor Projects and Specified Decking

STC has utilized its expertise in the above areas to extend services to non-maritime clientele.
Services provided to that clientele include:

  • Sandblasting and Metal Preparation
  • Flame Spray Coating
  • Structure Restoration
  • Non-slip Flooring Systems
  • Commercial Building and Thoroughfare Cleansing, Vacublasting, and Coating
  • Various Types of Floor Covering

STC is currently considering expanding its services to include instruction and/or consultation in the areas of:

  • OSHA Compliance and Safety Program Development
  • EPA Compliance and Hazardous Substance Containment
  • Red Lead Certification (Removal and Containment)
  • Coating Inspection Services

* STC is certified by respective product manufacturers in the application of these systems.

Services currently and previously rendered through open purchase with: