Surface Technologies

USS Shiloh

USS Shiloh Fantail

Surface prep: Remove and replace non-skid throughout flight deck by ultrahigh-pressure water jetting to NACE No.5/SSPC-SP12 standard. With pressures ranging from 36,000 psi to 40,000 psi. Deck edge work and other inaccessible areas will be mechanically cleaned to an SSPC SP-11 standard.

Contamination prevention: Contained all around flight deck with 4-mil polyurethane plastic to prevent any debris or paint chips from escaping outside work area.

    Coating system:
  • Stripe Coat – Ameron International 137 Epoxy primer gray.
  • First Coat – Ameron International 137 Epoxy primer gray.
  • Non-skid – Ameron International 138HR heavy-duty Epoxy non-skid.
  • All coatings were mixed and applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

All ambient readings, conductivity readings, surface temp, surface profile, wet film, dry film and material mixing times were taken by Surface Technologies’ QA representative. Conductivity tests were conducted using the BresleSampler patch and the Horiba unit recorded in microsiemens.

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