Surface Technologies

USS John C. Stennis

USS John C. Stennis

Surface prep: Remove and replace non-skid throughout flight deck by ultrahigh-pressure water jetting to NACE No.5/SSPC-SP12 standard. With pressures ranging from 36,000 psi to 40,000 psi. Deck edge work and other inaccessible areas will be mechanically cleaned to an SSPC SP-11 standard and SSPC SP-2 standard.

Contamination prevention: Contained all around flight deck with 4-mil polyurethane plastic to prevent any debris or paint chips from escaping outside work area.

    Coating system:
  • First Coat – Amercoat-137 gray.
  • Stripe Coat – Amercoat-137 light gray: If prior to, Dry to touch criteria.
  • Non-skid – Amercoat-136-AR non-abrasive/ Amercoat-138-HR abrasive.
  • Color toping-Amercoat-929 epoxy acrylic.
  • All coatings were mixed and applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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